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Whether you decide to mix or fly solo, these non-alcoholic sparkling mixers were crafted for choice.

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60+ awards and counting including:

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4,500 five star reviews

5 stars
  • “Instead of providing the usual suspects like club soda, Blake Lively's new line of non-alcoholic, sparkling mixers, Betty Buzz, will make non-drinkers feel like there's something special for them to sip on too.”

  • “It's true, Blake Lively can do no wrong — and her latest launch proves it. Betty Buzz is a new line of flavored sparkling beverages that are just as cute as they are delicious.”

  • "Betty Buzz is making better mixers for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails."

  • “Betty Buzz has main character energy — although a mixer, it's a total stand-alone drink.”

  • “Blake Lively's Betty Buzz Sparkling Mixers Enhance Cocktails — With or Without Booze.”

Martha Stewart
Rolling Stone
Men’s Journal

Founder, Product-Developer, Bubble-Enthusiast

From perfecting the size of the bubbles to designing the product you see on shelf, Blake Lively spent over three years getting it right.

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Fly solo.

We are here to take a stand against non-alcoholic options being (quite literally) watered down to club soda with ice. We’ve put together thoughtful, delicious recipes that don’t lean on a spirit to make them ‘special’. All of the buzz without the buzz, so to speak.


Trending favorites.

2022 has been the year of nostalgic favorites and classic combinations–from Margaritas and Gin & Tonics to Spritzes and the Flirty Shirley. These cocktails are designed for the anti-perfectionist. For the tastemakers. For the ones that know that true taste lies in simple, delicious ingredients and having fun along the way.