Holding Betty Buzz Can

Gourmet, flavorful beverages made with real ingredients.

Serve it, Sip it, cheers it, or mix it — we don’t care, just enjoy it!

What People Are Saying

A lot of sparkling beverages say they taste like one thing but actually taste like a weird half-chemical version of that thing. Lookin’ at you La Croix. Betty Buzz has actual flavor. If you’re into seltzers and want something that actually tastes good, and not the fading memory of flavor, go for Betty Buzz.

Erik P.

“Well wasn't Betty Buzz Spectacular! I got her Club Soda. So special it should be saved to drink on its own. It is so light in taste that it should be savored. Each bottle a little cache of mellow.”

John Z

“Love Betty Buzz sparkling lemon lime. Very light refreshing with a little fizz. Great plain or mixed!! And it’s low calorie, that’s a definite plus!! But yet it doesn’t taste low cal!!!!”

Teresa B.